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What happend to Inuyasha in the first episodes?

Ok in the first epidoes we see Kagome and Inuyasha meeting up. Kagome's is very stupid and fat so it attempts to run to an old well in Kagome's family's shrine. Kagome goes after the stupid cat because her little brother is afraid of the stupid thing. So when Kagome goes after it he yells for her to come back.
     Enter Misstress Centepede. She pulls Kagome down the well. After Kagome fights off the centepede as much as she can. (which is not much because she is really vewry weak) Kagome realizes that she isn't in the shrine anymore she is somewhere else. The people in the area take her captive because they think she is a which and she makes a statement "what is this the fedural era" later she finds out it is the federal era. She traveled 500 years into the past by falling though a well. When the townsfolk release her Misstress Centepede shows up again and trys to get a jewel that is burried deep within her body. The Centepede lady bites Kagome in the side and gets the jewel. Kagome runs for her life and ends up going into the Forest of Inuyasha.
     There we see Inuyasha pinned to a tree asleep or so it seems. When the Centepede lady comes he sortof wakes up and calls Kagome, Kikyou because she looks like Kikyou. When she goes to Inuyasha he askes for her to remove the arrow that is pinning him to a tree. After a little convincing she does and he is set free. He kills the centepede but then goes after Kagome for the jewel. In the end she breaks the jewel by fireing an arrow at it and the jewel breaks into hundreds to thousands of shards. The old priestest of the town makes Inuyasha and Kagome go after the jewel shards together. And this is the stroy of the friends they made and the stuff they did and how Naraku is behind it all.

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