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Inuyasha wishing you a merry Christmas.

     "Inuyasha do you know what today is?" Kagome asked in her sweet little voice.
     "Another day we get to fight Naraku just like any other only freezing cold" he answered in a harsh raspy voice as he pulled the fire rat skin around him tighter.
     "It's Christmas silly!" Kagome said jumping up and down.
     "Christmas what hell is that"
     "Only everyone's favorite time of the year! Don't tell me you've never heard of Christmas?!" she yelled.
     "No I haven't and I don't feel like knowing about it now! It's freezing cold and I feel like a snowman without the scarf!"
     "Ok grumpy! gosh but I got you a little something
     She handed him a little box and quickly said "Sorry Inuyasha got to go home!" and ran before Inuyasha could say a word. He thought about chasing after her but instead just desided to stay. He didn't want to get sat. He opened the little box and found a small locket. He opened the locket to see both of there pictures in the locket. Just as he was about to close the locket he saw an extra hinge on the edge of the locket and pulled it open. Inside was a folded note with her handwriting on it. She had even taken the time to write it old japanese style just so he could read it. It said "Inuyasha I love you Merry Christmas". He closed the locket and ran for the well. On the way he placed the locket around his neck.
     When he reached the well he stuck something in his pocket then jumped into the well. When he was on the other side he searched for her. It took him a good hour to find her seeing as how she was out in the woods. He grabed her hand and said "Merry Christmas Kagome and I love you too" with those words he kissed her on the cheek and said "I'll be waiting for you to come back and see me". Then he left.
-Webmisstress Kristy

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