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Here's where I tell you about me. Or as much as I think l can over the internet without getting screwd.

About me.

Hello people my name is Kristy and I live in St. Louis. If there is one thing I am good at it's simply role play. I can play as any character. I live in St. Louis Missouri in the US of A and I don't support president Buch. My politics may or may not show in my site but I feel strongly about the President of the USA.
I'm not here to screw people so I request that you don't screw me. I really think that yes peace is the answer in life and I'm welcome to everyone elses opion. I try not to judge anyone else no matter who or what they are. I am 15 years old but I look about 17 I look like I'm part English and German but I hold nothing agaist the jews. In fact I have many friends who are jewish. My favorite character is Kouga and my least favorite character is Totosi because all he does is give information.  

Our History

This site has been in the works for 18 months as of November 26, 2005 and has had a little over 500 page views. I have over 50 pages in the two sites together and still going. I'm having tons of fun doing the site and will never quit.
The first time I touched my first computer I was about 1 year old and I typed the abc's by accendent and from that moment on all of my friends call me the computer expert.

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Respect is required for all persons in all cases. This site is made by Ayame and Kristy. Please enjoy your stay but remember that this site is only for those who folow my our one rule which is respect.