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Dec 7, 2005, 7:49pm

Late Autumn
Heavy Rain, Cold

Mystic Pathway :: Home
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YA! IM TALKING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!! BUD!!! READ IT!!!!!!! IF YOU CARE! [Well, please read it anyway] Even if your a guest!!!! Well, only if you are a guest who plans on JOINING. :)
Moderator: Serenity
318on Yesterday at 6:28pm
by Cloven Valhalla
in New Site.
[*]The Lounge
You can talk about anything here basically, whether it be well....School, to Challenge Algebra, [>_<], to the new episodes of Inuyasha, drawing or languages...You get the point.
Moderators: Serenity, Kagome
1587on Nov 27, 2005, 8:10pm
by Cloven Valhalla
in My 'Puter...
[ ]Rules
Well, these are the rules for people who don't know them....Actually, they are the same as all so I am hoping you *DO*. :P Nonetheless, come here to view them
Note: I added a posting example! :)
Moderator: Serenity
23on Oct 25, 2005, 2:37pm
by Serenity
in ~*The Rules*~
[ ]Getting Started
Well! If you are curious about joining, this is where to come! Here, the other mods and I post the MAIN things you need to know when you start joining. It is a lot more simple than the rules board, and easier to understand. :)
Moderators: Serenity, Kagome
11on Oct 25, 2005, 2:16pm
by Serenity
in Getting Started
[*]Joining Board
This is where you introduce your characters to the rest of the "community." You can post anything from bloodline, height, to weapon of choice or family [realatives]. You are then accepted, and offered off into the world. :)
Moderators: Serenity, Kagome
35150on Dec 2, 2005, 11:18pm
by adrien
in Adrien
[*]Graphic Requests
If you know how to make graphics, or would like any, post here to advertise! ^o^ Also~I can make you graphics, HTML and CSS. ^o^ So this is where you may request any.
Moderators: Serenity, Sesshomaru
327on Nov 13, 2005, 8:09pm
by Serenity
in I can Make Pictures
[ ]Questions
Have any questions for me? I'll reply ASAP, and explain it in the best way I can. If I need to, I will update the rules board. Also, if you have any suggestions, feel free to contribute! :)
Moderator: Serenity
213on Oct 27, 2005, 7:19pm
by Serenity
in Question
Leaving? On vacation? Post here to notify anyone if you are leaving for any ammount of time.
38on Nov 19, 2005, 9:12pm
in What the crap?
[*]Other RPG's
Do you have another one you want us to know about? Have a good RPG? Place here and we can check it out!
Moderator: Serenity
410on Yesterday at 7:22pm
by Cloven Valhalla
in Eye of The World
Multi-Purpose [Non-Claiming] Land
[ ]Health Shrine
This is where you go if you have been injured, or have disease. [Random Event] Someone, of authority figure from the springs may heal you. Yet if any creature yet has the power to, they may also help you in time.
Moderator: Serenity
[ ]Cemetery
Unfortunately, this is where you place your character if and when they die. Whether it be fight or not, any may come to mourn the loss, at their expense. Ghosts in the background often *DO* haunt the living. However, if you wish to revive a soul, or be lifted, you may come and attempt to argue--And bring back the dead.
Moderator: Serenity
11on Nov 2, 2005, 2:44pm
by Serenity
in Legend Of the Cemetery
[*]Frozen Grotto
Here, you may get claimed to your alliance/bloodline. If you are a male, or/and Heiress, you are to claim such of your line here. However, if you are a pixie, you shall wait to be claimed as a helper by ANYbody. [Here you may also claim pixies.] Inside lies a very cold tempertured land, the sacred grotto laying in the midst. No one has been able to free the souls trapped under, which is why it was sealed for further interest. The creeks that run through here have an UNDER freezing temp. oddly and it will obviously sway you more into leaving with someone...Into the cold, dark shadows which lie beneath.
Moderators: Serenity, Sesshomaru
10143on Yesterday at 6:40pm
by Cloven Valhalla
in +I have arrived...+
[ ]Hospitality Meadow
This is an area that may be used as a place for resting. The meadows contain lush beds of grass, for anyone to lay their sleepy head apon, and the birds softly sing a song in G major while they do such things. No water for miles, the land works well off of the regular rain provided every 2 weeks or so.
Moderator: Serenity
14on Nov 16, 2005, 3:22pm
in +BIRTH+
[ ]Enchanted Grove
The mystical forest has enchanting dust around it, hence the name. I guess you can Make friendships, enemies, etc. No, don't count on there being any good food, but it's a good place to meet other characters. :P A Artesian Well resides near here, a forest surrounding it, and many pixies can randomly be found also. It is a great place to find a faerie [pixie] and get healed as well. Yet, if you travel too far into the forest, it is said you will encounter some very unfriendly creatures, so beware. Also, if you look even deeper inside, there is an indoor shrine leading to a passage of which only the most intellectual people may enter.
Moderators: Serenity, Kagome, Sesshomaru
494on Nov 4, 2005, 8:19pm
by Serenity
in A Walk Along the Sea
[*]War Zone
This is ONLY when there are severe wars going on, between alliances or two cults, tribes etc. Any alliance fighting may come to protect, but ONLY mods and me can judge the fight--Or some mod who is not in teh brawl. ONLY I may and a mod with premission may decide if any character dies or not--Even a whole cult.
Moderator: Serenity
19on Nov 25, 2005, 12:59pm
by Cloven Valhalla
in Decleration Of War
Peasant and Supernatural Human Territory
[ ]Soup Kitchen
Yep. There is a soup kitchen. Normally, cold and hungry peasants will reside here, but often anyone may come for food, shelter, and warmth. Anything may happen, you can help out, etc. [Serve food too!] You may also meet others as well. [Good or bad] The merchants are currently HERE! Buy your things today--5 houses are now for sale.
Moderator: Serenity
219on Nov 12, 2005, 3:16pm
by Serena[x]Naida
in The Merchants Have Arr...
[ ]The Village Centre
The Village Centre provides much of interest, including houses, merchants, and more. Most of the grounds are made of stone, rock, and some are rarely made of clay ._. Either way, most people live here, just for future reference. A land just near it, has a beautiful lake, though not good in reputation. Lush grass as well is abound~ Although none can claim it, anybody may enter.
Moderators: Serenity, Kagome
244on Nov 1, 2005, 7:36pm
by Serena[x]Naida
in She walks....forever
[*]Domain of the Dark
This is where the evil peasants and SN humans may gather. If you are a low rank peasant, just be sure not to get in trouble...The SN humans rarely want you around. There are plenty documents of intrest here--All of which written in code. Although random events are more prone here, that doesn't mean they are GOOD. Hidden, deep within, lies a path to a chamber of which other things can be planned--Destruction, and storage of weapons. If you are not of an authority figure, it is suggested you stay out.

Claimed by: Sesshomaru

Moderators: Serenity, Sesshomaru
7201on Nov 28, 2005, 3:08pm
by Dortujula[x]Neinna
in Lord Sesshomaru and Ni...
[*]Timber Shelter
Anyone may come in here, and only a SN human [or High-Ranked Peasant] may own it. It is where everyone can gather in unison, and food [even if not that good] can be served by the local "Queen" or soup "Faerie". Beautiful carvings rest upon the wooden walls, and couches of comfort surround them. All for good would be pleasent here, and a coffee table lies in the middle of the main room.

Claimed by: Inuyasha

Moderators: Serenity, Kagome
553on Nov 19, 2005, 7:07pm
by Dortujula[x]Neinna
in Miroku
Elven Land
[*]The Elven Palace
The Elven Palace is where all of the elves can gather, but the King and Queen have most of the order. Ceremonies can be held here, fights claims can, and anyone who has to ask the King and Queen a question. Also, anyone may challenge the position of queen or king here, at any time.

Moderator: Serenity
449on Dec 3, 2005, 1:52pm
by Dortujula[x]Neinna
in +Return to the Palace+
[ ]Elf Woodland
The Woodland, full of many trees and potential cottages, soon plans to nurse a home to an Elf cult. The birds sing along, and it is said that, when you create an elf that lands here, they recieve a special instrument that claims to have mystical power of some sort.

Claimed By: None
Moderator: Serenity
13on Nov 4, 2005, 4:29pm
by Obsidia[x]Tįri
in An Elf comes......
Witches Land
[ ]Kotake's Cottage
The head witch, Kotake may have the other witches come in this wretched place to plan things, or "talk". Just don't do anything stupid. Other than that, this foul, odor-drenched place is perfect. The scent of spells and potions smother the air, while dark clouds and tornados hover over it as always. Nearby is the Mushroom Valley, but if you get lost in the Forbidden Woods, as did Kotake's sister, Koume, don't say I didn't warn you..

Moderators: Serenity, Sesshomaru
234on Nov 3, 2005, 2:07pm
by Serenity
in Reincarnation: Twins R...
[ ] Poison Mushroom Valley
This place has many mushrooms for the taking, all which contain poison ingerdients. Many herbs grow here, perfect for picking, and no animals reside near it. The grass is always damp, trees covered with mildew, and storms always active. This dark place is NOT good for nice witches/warlocks, however contains many good ingerdients to create a potion of herbs, or a potion of destruction...

Claimed by:NONE
Moderator: Serenity
Mystical Creatures Seas
[*]Mystified Kingdom
This enoromus palace has columns of four surrounding the main room. The bottom, has crystal clear water with other creatures swimming in it of good luck. Since most bad mythical creatures decide to dwell elsewhere, ONLY the pure-hearted may enter. The throne is located on floor up, and only accessible by wings. If you have a boat, however, you may gain entrance at anytime. [Whether you are good OR bad] In the courtyard, there is much to do. As well as in the meeting room, where everyone invited in the council may dwell to plan, or plot in case of war. Overall, this is one of the ideal places to live.

Heiress to Own:Cristal
Steed:Magic Night
Moderator: Serenity
354on Nov 18, 2005, 7:09am
by kaybeargirl2
in Combat in The Dim Moon...
[ ]Shining Galaxy
Underneath the ground of palace [ironically], lay a place where stars are day and night. Everything is lit by BEAUTIFUL moonlight, yet only a male mythical creature may claim it. It is wonderfully clear, and sleeping on the floor is ideal here.

Claimed By: Galaxy's Ice
Moderator: Serenity
320on Nov 8, 2005, 7:24pm
by Serenity
in +a...visitor+
Angelic Territory
[ ]Cloud Nine
Clouds appearing like cotton candy subside here~ Perfect for the angels that live among them. Happiness is key--Harp music humming in the background, wings fluttering to the beat of ones drums..It is quite perfect for rasising a family, far away from evil...Or so it seems...

NOTE: An ID card will be needed soon for any angel Who tis NOT [King or Queen!] ~`You may buy it at the Merchant's shops. ~`

Heiress: Gracy
King: None

Moderator: Serenity
13on Oct 25, 2005, 6:43pm
by Serenity
in Claimed by the good one
[*]Flowing Plains
Although it isn't like a grassy field, wind rushes through this land pleasently, always providing a good breeze. Waterfalls strangely subside here, and anyone is allowed, with premission of the owner, of course. This is perfect for storage of weapons of any sort, for future reference. [The storage is eligible for use by ALL Angel's, with King/Queen premission.]

Claimed By: none
Moderator: Serenity
23on Nov 18, 2005, 4:42pm
by Tal
in When Tal Came
[ ]Angelic Palace
Although there really isn't a King of the angels here, there is a head. This magnificent palace has streamers of gold, pillars of silver, and cold drinks for anyone! The throne on the 50th floor was built only for the head of the palace of angels, therefore a code is required to enter. No one has been known to hack it *yet*. Anyway, Anyone is allowed entrance to the main gate, as long as they have an Angel bloodline. As with elves, anybody may come to ask the leaders questions.

Head Angel: Saria
Alpha Female: NONE YET

Moderator: Serenity
16on Oct 30, 2005, 4:16pm
by saria
in Wandering
Vampire's Chambers
[*]Coffin Chasm
Many coffins lay here, in a damp and cold, stony room. Secret traps all around, a grandfather clock seems to tick non-stop...Locks and chains remain on the wall, for all to see...If you are bitten by a vampire, you must lay here until your rescue. Not saying you have a good chance though~There is ONE cure for Vampirism--Chocolate. Unfortunately, it takes a genius to figure this out~Which is why many skeletons still are seen upon the walls.

claimed by:Torrance
Moderator: Serenity
28on Nov 30, 2005, 7:49pm
by Aurora
in Claim
[ ]Crimson Spattered Lair
This lair is soaked in blood, passages to and forth. Although it is perfect for feasting apon, the occasional rat bites and poisonous misquitos come to help in the blood-draining work. Anyone who has an ounce of good in them--You best stay away...Unless you plan to destroy them.

Claimed by: Van Del.
Moderator: Serenity
14on Oct 25, 2005, 5:19pm
by Serenity
in Claiming his Home
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